BowWow Mixed Snack/Jerky Dog Treats / Mix Snack Dog Treats Bowwow Korea Cheese Chicken Salmon (5 FOR $10 + FREE GIFT)

📣 ANY 5 FOR $10!


🔥 Mixed Snack (40g)

Mixed snacks/cut are prepared from fresh chicken, salmon, cheese and seaweed

includes complex amino acids, fresh milled whole grain and dietary fibre


🔥Beef and Lamb Jerky (40g)

Low in fat, salt and calorie,

High quality meat ingredients to deliver a high protein treat


🔥 Cheese Sticks (50g)

Prepared from fresh chicken/salmon and cheese

It also includes fresh milled whole grain, dietary fibre


Free Dog Toy with every Purchase! (While Stocks Last)


Bow Wow


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